tick1 [tık] n
[Sense: 1,3-5; Date: 1200-1300; Origin: Origin unknown.]
[Sense: 2; Origin: Old English ticia]
1.) BrE
a mark written next to an answer, something on a list etc, to show that it is correct or has been dealt with
American Equivalent: check
Put a tick in the box if you agree with this statement.
→↑cross2 (2b)
a very small animal like an insect that lives under the skin of other animals and sucks their blood
3.) [singular]
the short repeated sound that a clock or watch makes every second
4.) spoken especially BrE a very short time
= ↑moment
I'll be with you in a tick (=soon) .
It'll only take two ticks.
5.) on tick
BrE informal old-fashioned if you buy something on tick, you arrange to take it now and pay later
= ↑credit
tick 2
tick2 v
1.) [i]also tick away
if a clock or watch ticks, it makes a short repeated sound
The old clock ticked noisily.
2.) [T] BrE
to mark a test, list of questions etc with a tick, in order to show that something is correct, to choose something etc
American Equivalent: check
Tick the description that best fits you.
Just tick the box on your order form.
3.) what makes sb tick informal
the thoughts, feelings, opinions etc that give someone their character or make them behave in a particular way
I've never really understood what makes her tick.
tick away/by/past phr v
if time ticks away, by, or past, it passes, especially when you are waiting for something to happen
We need a decision - time's ticking away.
The minutes ticked past and still she didn't call.
tick off [tick sb/sth<=>off] phr v
1.) BrE informal to tell someone angrily that you are annoyed with them or disapprove of them
Mrs Watts will tick you off if you're late again.
2.) BrE to mark the things on a list with a tick to show that they have been dealt with, chosen etc
American Equivalent: check off
As you finish each task, tick it off.
Have you ticked off Kate's name on the list?
3.) AmE informal to annoy someone
Her attitude is really ticking me off.
4.) AmE to tell someone a list of things, especially when you touch a different finger as you say each thing on the list
Carville began ticking off points on his fingers.
tick over phr v
1.) if an engine ticks over, it works while the vehicle is not moving
Mark left the engine ticking over and went back inside.
2.) if a system, business etc ticks over, it continues working but without producing very much or without much happening
The business is just about ticking over.
Jane will keep things ticking over while I'm away.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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